About Fixture Strength

To help us arrange the best possible matches, please define strengths as follows:

'Strong' - First XI's in higher league football fielding their top sides. This strength could also apply to clubs with only one XI who also play league football at a high level and are a genuine match for bigger clubs first XI's. Similarly, a Sunday side containing a large number of Saturday first team players should be classified as 'Strong'. The definition would not apply to a big club's 4th XI.

'Strong Medium' - This definition applies to a first XI which may be fielding a slightly weaker side from normal, or to a club's 2nd XI whose playing strength is only marginally below their first team's. Again, clubs operating only one side can be described as 'Strong Medium' provided they are a genuine match for bigger clubs' first or second XI's as described earlier. Equally, a Sunday side with some first XI representation can be 'Strong Medium'.

'Medium' - The catch all category. In this section clubs would have to field sides containing specialist players in all categories - bowlers, batsmen and a wicket-keeper. It is unlikely that a medium side would contain more than one colt or one vet. Clubs 2nd and bigger clubs 3rd XI's would usually be covered in this category.

'Weak Medium' - This would apply to clubs either fielding severely depleted 2nd teams or clubs putting out 3rds and 4ths containing vets and colts. It would also apply to clubs fielding only one side whose players are either not regulars, or whose fixtures are occasional rather than regular.

'Weak' - Probably a one-off side with very occasional players or sides with four or more vets/colts, or a club's 3rd or 4th XI with a 'give everyone a game policy'.

'Schools' - These requests should be matched by age groups for school matches. A broad equivalent for matching school sides to adult football would see U15's against 'weak medium', U16 against 'medium' 3rd XI or 'weak medium' 2nd XI.